Selim Oezkan Information Design

Simplifying Complexity.

International information- and complexity-management. Knowledge procurement for ventures and organizations. 

What I can do for you

Analysing configuration of your (new) venture
- Digital facilities
- Estimation of expenditure and cost
- Budget retrieval
- How to create passive income

Retrieving profitable information
- Marketing strategy and optimization
- Research: libraries, internet, personal communication (interviews - both face to face and remote / polls / surveys)

Developing internal information-systems for your organization
- Content management (your website, incl. data analysis, traffic management)
- Print media
- Ad-management

Time- and self-management
- "Effectiveness of Self"
- Day-to-Day-Routine improvement
- Nutrition and health

My expertise

  • Information management
  • Asset management
  • Leadership
  • Communication - Learning - Teaching


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