Selim Oezkan - selimoezkan.comSelim Oezkan is an universal entrepreneur.

Worked as a musician, instrumentalist, composer and producer from 1990 to 2007.

Created websites without number - from 1999 and 2020 for national businesses and international corporations (e. g. Daimler, Douglas) and associations.

Being a member of the board and vice president of the International Light Association - from 2009 to 2014.

Writes books (print and electronic) and sold thousands of them online since 2011 on his website www.ewigeweisheit.de.

Organises events and adventures since 1995.


What others say

While he was in charge of the local organization for the 2012 conference of the International Light Association in Berlin, Selim Oezkan performed in an efficient and thorough way. Under his management both professional and cultural aspects were skillfully handled. Communication remained transparent along the full process, and the outcome was a highly successful event.

- Anadi Martel, ILA President during 2011-2018 (Canada)

Oezkan CAN! From facilitating small workshops to organising international conferences.

- Lyn Doole, ELC Teacher at the University of Adelaide (Australia)

He did a good job for the organization and had the main responsibility for a successful conference in Berlin 2012. He is a very sympathetic guy and easy to work with. I strongly recommend him.

- Randi Marie Eide (Norway)